TransPecos Development Corp.

TransPecos Development Corp. was founded 20 years ago with a special focus on providing financial advisory services and financing businesses located in rural Texas communities.

Since that time, TransPecos has been involved in, directly and through affiliates, over 200 million dollars of projects, providing financial advice as well as bringing private equity and debt from a variety of sources.

The projects have included a broad range of industries including retail grocery stores, wholesale manufacturing facilities, produce packaging facilities, service companies, trucking and transportation, hospitals and other public finance needs. Most recently, in 2022, TPDC received its third New Market Tax Credit Allocation.

The $35 million brings TPDC’s total received allocation to $150 million, making TPDC very successful nationally under this program.

TransPecos has helped raise private equity for smaller rural projects and assisted business owners in structuring acquisitions, expansion plans and financing transactions, sometimes involving local or family resources as well as more traditional forms of institutional private equity or debt.

Our Mission

TransPecos Development Corp. works to bring about catalytic change, sustainable infrastructure and employment to communities by facilitating financing and site selection, through an innovative and holistic approach.

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Competence — We understand traditional financing as well as the more complicated world of tax credits and economic development financing alternatives. We have successfully completed over 500 million dollars of transactions using a variety of debt and equity sources. We also have the capability to navigate complex or complicated grant applications and government programs.

Commitment — Our mission says it, we strive to bring jobs to rural Texas communities, and our commitment to do that goes hand-in-hand with helping business owners find the right community and develop the most beneficial financing package possible.

Personal service and support — Individualized service and support of our customers are of paramount importance at TransPecos Development Corp. We offer custom-tailored financial solutions designed to meet your goals. Your objectives matter most.


TransPecos Development Corporation ("TPDC"), a Community Development Entity (“CDE”), and its affiliate TransPecos Banks have been serving the financial advisory and credit needs of rural and low-income communities in Texas and the United States for the past 20 years. TPDC has been designated by CDFI as a rural CDE and as such over 50% of its activities are in rural areas of Texas. The principals of these entities see a pressing need for a well-financed and well-managed CDFI in Texas to provide credit to smaller businesses, lead affordable housing development, and deliver other financing solutions.


TransPecos Bank is a 90-year-old state member bank that has been under the ownership and control of TransPecos Financial Corp since 1998. During that period of time it has been actively involved in making loans to small businesses and persons in distressed, largely rural markets in West and South-Central Texas. Its activities and mission spawned the organization of TPDC as a community development entity and community development corporation. It continues its mission of providing credit and creative solutions to businesses, government and individuals in low income and rural communities. The bank recently established a dedicated government guaranteed lending division which should significantly enhance its ability to serve small businesses in Texas enjoyed and provide opportunities to bring additional credit in transactions that may be sourced by the CDFI or TPDC.

Our Team

Our team is knowledgeable and capable of providing sound advice on financing and corporate
matters and understands how to be successful in Texas.

Patrick J. Kennedy Jr

Founder and CEO


Mr. Kennedy and his firm specialize in representing banks and financial institutions throughout the United States on corporate, securities and regulatory matters.  He has represented hundreds of banking organizations in mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and related expansion activities, including insurance company and securities firm acquisitions as well as numerous other product and service developments. Mr. Kennedy and his firm were actively involved in the legislative process that led to the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

His practice also includes representation of banks, community development entities and economic development corporations in connection with financing transactions, including tax credit financing involving the New Markets Tax Credit program and federal and state Historic Tax Credits. He founded the Subchapter S Bank Association an educational organization serving the 2100+ Sub S banks in the US and continues to serve as its President.

Kennedy obtained his A.B. from Georgetown University in 1975 and J.D. form St. Mary’s University School of Law in 1978.  He currently serves on the Independent Bankers Association of Texas Board of Directors and the Texas Association of Bank Counsel.

Primary Activities:
  • Advising Boards of Directors on corporate strategy
  • Organizing syndicated bank financing groups
  • Oversight for Strategic Client and Market development

William “Dub” Sutherland

Financial Consultant and President


Former manufacturing and banking executive, and current attorney. Mr. Sutherland’s legal practice focuses on technology, general corporate matters, acquisitions and dispositions, financings, and commercial transactions. His clients include financial institutions, venture capital firms, private companies, and established and growth companies seeking capital investment. Mr. Sutherland has also developed specialties in the areas of fintech, blockchain, and cybersecurity in order to keep his clients apprised of emerging technologies and their potential application in their business while ensuring proper vendor management strategies and compliance with legal and regulatory standards. Mr. Sutherland received his B.A. in Government from The University of Texas at Austin in 2003 and J.D. from St. Mary’s University School of Law in 2007. He is a member of the American Bar Association, Banking Law Committee, the State Bar of Texas, the San Antonio Angel Network, and a TechStars program mentor. Mr. Sutherland has over 12 years of experience in debt and equity financing, corporate structure and formation, site selection, grant application writing, and tax advantaged financing. He also provides advice and consulting on board oversight, performance management and talent management.

Primary Activities:
  • Develop and deliver financing solutions to small businesses
  • Tax advantaged financing advice
  • Cooperative site selection

Daniel Koehl

Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Koehl is the Chief Financial Officer of TPDC. As CFO he oversees all daily financial transactions TPDC.  He oversees and manages its treasury function, financial statements, production reports, payroll and incentive compensation systems and general financial management of the company.  Mr. Koehl assists in analyzing and executing strategies to increase effective client service delivery. Mr. Koehl also plays a key role in developing business and financial models for new businesses, acquisitions and strategic initiatives the partners are engaged in including real estate investments utilizing tax credit financing, employee stock ownership plans and related incentive compensation strategies. Mr. Koehl received his B.A in Government from the University of Texas at Austin in 2003. He received his Masters in Professional Accounting from University of Texas at Austin in 2004.

Primary Activities:
  • Responsible for all of TPDC financial transactions
  • Oversees financial flows and construction draw requests
  • Oversees all compliance documentation